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Ransomware Evil (REvil) Return

The Russian hacker group REvil (Ransomware Evil), known for conducting attacks on organizations around the world and demanding million-dollar ransoms in exchange for a decryption key needed to prevent the leaking of stolen files, simply vanished from the internet in July before reappearing. The notorious REvil ransomware group is back, targeting new victims and leaking

Financial Investigations Can Help End Illegal Wildlife Trafficking

Wildlife is a key source of income for a number of East African countries, with regard to both foreign currency earnings through tourism and local job creation. Protecting these natural resources is essential to the well-being of the local economies. Wildlife crime, from poaching to trafficking, remains a booming industry in East Africa and it

OneWeb 34 New Satellites

OneWeb is working to complete the construction of a constellation of low-earth orbit satellites providing enhanced broadband and other services to countries worldwide. The company is competing against billionaires Elon Musk and Jeff Bezos in the race to provide fast internet for the world’s remote areas via satellites. A Russian Soyuz rocket blasted into space

End to closed WhatsApp access group calls

WhatsApp is aiming to make communications easier and user friendly as the pandemic is increasing distances. Joinable calls will reduce the stress of answering a group call as it starts and gives people the choice of when to join. WhatsApp new feature to help make conference calls much easier and smoother for users. The new

Hate Speech and Misinformation Facebook Fight

The company has been under relentless pressure to guard against being a platform where misinformation and hate can spread, while at the same time remain a forum for people to speak freely. It has struggled to respond. Facebook recently launched an effort targeting users working together on the platform to promote real-world violence or conspiracy

Apple Operating System Privacy -iOS15

iOS 15 and iPadOS 15 features an improved Intelligent tracking prevention that stops websites and trackers from knowing your real IP address. The Operating system  keeps your IP address and email actions private from senders who insert tracking pixels into their messages. Mail privacy protection blocks tracking pixels by automatically downloading all remote images the

Better way of Digital Transformation

Real digital transformation is about shifting mindsets across the organisation, rather than just forcing technology on people. By taking the latter approach, organisations risk missing out on the biggest benefit of digital transformation – improved customer experience. Most companies today understand the need for digital transformation, but it can be all too easy to mistake

3D printed patch to deliver Vaccine

The vaccine then targets the immune cells present in the skin and generates an antigen-specific antibody response. The patches are typically formed of tiny 3D-printed microneedles arranged on a polymer patch, and are applied directly to the skin. The microneedle prototype is a collection of dozens of tiny needles that are lined up on a

Huawei digital human

This is the first virtual digital person that Huawei has created based on the digital content production line through AI’s automatic modelling, AI’s voice drive, and AI’s rendering acceleration. The virtual person resembles a real human, and amazingly it has been designed with the natural characteristics of humans. The digital virtual human is powered by

Chrome Os

Being  cloud-oriented nature that utilises Google’s universal syncing system, you can have access to all your data, applications, settings, and web extensions instantly whenever you log into any Chromebook device. And with 100GB of Google Drive cloud storage that comes free with every Chromebook, you also don’t need to worry about losing any of your