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Ecowas regional force

The West African leaders, concerned about instability and contagion, have been pressing for months for the quickest possible return to civilian rule in the three countries which have undergone coups in recent years. Leaders of the Economic Community of West African States had decided to act to take care of our own security in the

Putin drives across Crimean

The partial destruction of the Kerch bridge was one of the most symbolic blows against Russia since the beginning of its military offensive in February. Russian authorities, who blame Ukrainian intelligence, have made several arrests as part of an investigation into alleged terrorism. Russian official media have released images showing Putin driving the vehicle and

Port-au-Prince capital taken hostage by brutal gangs

Port-au-Prince is nestled between green hillsides and the blue waters of the Caribbean which has no head of state, no functioning parliament and the US-backed prime minister, Ariel Henry, is unelected and deeply unpopular. Almost half the population 4.7 million Haitians – are facing acute hunger. In the capital around 20,000 people are facing famine-like

Surge in Covid-19 infections in China as the government abandons its zero-covid-19 policy

For nearly three years the authorities have battled to keep Covid out of the country, using every tool of technology, mass mobilisation and repression at their disposal, regardless of the tragic costs to individuals and the terrible damage to the national economy. China became a nation of vigilance, constantly on guard against the virus lapping

G7 price cap on Russian oil

Russia, which is the world’s second-largest oil exporter, said on Sunday it would not accept the cap and would not sell oil that is subject to it, even if it has to cut production. The Group of Seven price cap on Russian seaborne oil came into force on Monday as the West tries to limit

Kanye West dares Elon Musk to ban him

Kanye West said on Thursday he plans to give Holocaust denier Nick Fuentes and right-wing conspiracy monger Alex Jones the keys to his Twitter account, in protest against Elon Musk’s stance that he won’t let Jones back on the platform after a 2018 ban. Later on Thursday, tweets began being posted on Ye’s account that

volcano erupts on Java island

Indonesia sits on the Pacific “Ring of Fire” where tectonic plates collide, causing frequent volcanic activity as well as earthquakes. Indonesia’s Mount Semeru volcano has erupted, sending ash billowing into the sky and sparking evacuations on the country’s main island, Java. No injuries have been reported but nearly 2,000 people were evacuated from the area

Abandoned Covid-19 misinformation policy

Mr Musk himself has been criticised for his posts about coronavirus on Twitter, though he is not thought to have been censured under the rules. Twitter has abandoned its Covid misinformation policy, in yet another reversal under Elon Musk. The central part of the policy allows Twitter to remove posts that are engaged in harmful

Callisto Protocol pushes new horror limits

Whereas some horror experiences rely on a player’s imagination to do most of the work, Stone and his team have also opted to harness the graphical power of the latest consoles to show, in intricate detail, what happens to the game’s characters when they meet their untimely and bloody end. The Callisto Protocol, the latest

Google tech disabled people

Google has lots of research teams working on things like artificial intelligence, and a number of the engineers are tasked with looking at “supercharging” accessible tech, making it more mainstream. Google is developing an app that learns how to better recognise speech patterns of those who might struggle like people with muscular dystrophy – and