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B.1.617 Variant

A variant of SARS-CoV-2 known as B.1.617 is widely suspected to have played a big part in the disastrous spread of covid-19 across India in recent months and Weekly infections of B.1.617.2, a further-mutated form . Millions have caught it and other variants. Hundreds of thousands are dead. The “617” variant has now spread to

Global Economic Bottleneck

The economic boom is facing some bottleneck such as supply and there are already signs that supply bottlenecks may lead to nasty surprises which could upset the post-pandemic recovery. Nowhere are shortages more acute than in America, where a boom is under way. Consumer spending is growing by over 10% at an annual rate, as

Gaza Bombarding

on May 14th, the Israeli army launched a big new attack on Hamas, the Islamist group that rules Gaza. The offensive included dozens of air strikes and artillery barrages. Hamas then fired more rockets and for the past four days the world has anxiously watched Israel’s border with Gaza, where, on the Israeli side, infantry

Responding to people in real time

Trying to  maintain a healthy balance between work, personal life, and technology ,Messaging can be stressful sometimes you get stressed out and worked up over messages I’ve gotten while at work, at school, or otherwise dealing with something else far more important, that I’ve been unable to respond to or didn’t know how to respond

Gold, silver, ang biticoin for safe money keeping

When we buy crypto currency on an exchange such as coinbase, where does the money go? I understand that we get crypto in return, but what is actually happening to our money. Scammers operate via private messages and private chat. If you receive private messages, be extremely careful. block chain technology is revolutionary and it

Conflicts Remnant Across the Globe

World War II ended more than 75 years ago but, as an intriguing new book reveals, the remnants of the six-year conflict can be found all over the world, from Hawaii to the English coast and from the Red Sea to Iceland. Soviet tanks in Slovakian fields, fighter aircraft resting in tropical waters, a French

Screenshots on Gboard Beta

The Gboard Beta, the keyboard’s clipboard is gaining the ability to show your recent screenshots for convenient access. The feature was first reported by Android Police and is reportedly available in the Gboard beta version and it has been known to be one of the most popular keyboard apps out there, and it has

WhatsApp Data Privacy Affidavit

WhatsApp company originally announced the new privacy policy in January of this year with a Feb 8 deadline for people to accept the new terms. However, following widespread criticism, the company delayed it to May 15.Now, the company has clarified that it will not delete accounts of users who don’t accept the new policy by

Google Search Dark Mode

Apps, websites, and smartphone UIs are all getting dark modes of varying qualities. Now, it seems that Google is finally giving in , and is bringing dark mode to Google Search on desktops. If the feature is enabled for you, you will see a prompt up top on Google Search asking you to enable dark

Alexa to new cars with an OTA update on Ford Cars

Once Ford releases the update through its Power-Up program, you won’t need the company’s AppLink software to access Alexa in your car anymore. Ford says this new version of Alexa in its cars is “friction and hands-free.” Without pressing any button, you can ask Alexa to point you to the nearest gas station, play music