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Disney overtakes Netflix for paid subscribers

Netflix lost nearly one million accounts in the most recent quarter, putting its subscriber total at 220.67 million. Disney will launch a new ad-supported streaming service in the US in December, as it overtakes Netflix in the race for paid subscribers. The firm reported 221.1 million subscribers across its three streaming platforms at the start

Meta chatbot “explots” people

Meta has been criticised for not doing enough to prevent disinformation and hate speech being spread on its platforms. Last year a former employee, Frances Haugen, accused the company of putting profits ahead of online safety. The company owns some of the largest social media companies and messaging apps in the world, including Facebook, Facebook

Elon Musk Twitter lawsuit

The multi-billionaire is currently embroiled in a legal battle with the social media platform after saying last month he would pull out of a deal to buy it. In July, Mr Musk said he planned to walk away from his bid to buy Twitter, prompting the company to sue him. The world’s richest person has

OnlyFans as a second job

The campaign group is warning people who post sexually explicit content online that they could be opening themselves up to long hours, a risk of abuse and even stalking. With prices rising at their highest rate in 40 years, many people have taken up a second or third job to make ends meet.The need to

Loving robots

After decades of playing the villain in science fiction, robots are now part of life in many towns and people haven’t just embraced them, they rush to assist them. The robots are battery-powered, summoned and opened by an app, equipped with sensors to detect pedestrians and armed with a speaker. This allows a remote human

Google outage

Users in Taiwan and Japan also reported outages. The outages were affecting more than 1,300 servers globally across over 40 countries other than the US, including Australia, Japan, as well as parts of South America, Europe and Asia. Users attempting to use the search engine during the outage were met with a 502 or 500

self-generated child sexual abuse images online

Child sexual abuse which is facilitated and captured by technology using an internet connection does not require the abuser to be physically present, and most often takes place when the child is in their bedroom a supposedly ‘safe space’ in the family home. Therefore, it should be entirely preventable. Online child sexual abuse has a

Use of artificial intelligence predict the structure of almost every known protein

Artificial intelligence has mapped out the shape of virtually every protein known to science. The breakthrough will help to tackle major global challenges such as developing malaria vaccines and fighting plastic pollution. Being able to predict a protein’s structure gives scientists a better understanding of what it does and how it works. The Existing technology

Snapchat Family Centre tool

Snapchat is introducing a new in-app tool to enable parents to get more insights on how their teenagers use Snapchat without compromising their children’s privacy. The opt-in tool will require a parent and child’s Snapchat accounts to be friends in order to connect and set up Family Centre, from which parents will also be able

WhatsApp unveils new privacy features

The messaging platform will now allow users to leave groups without alerting others and hide when they are online. As part of the update, which is rolling out this month, users will also be given the ability to block people from taking screenshots of View Once messages, which are designed to disappear after being opened.