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Haiti in turmoil

In July 2021, then-President Jovenel Moise had tapped Ariel Henry to become the next prime minister. But the inauguration was stalled when acting Prime Minister Claude Joseph seized control of the government following Moise’s assassination. The Haitian government is under mounting pressure amid violent protests by police who accuse interim Prime Minister Ariel Henry of

Elizabeth Holmes fraud trial

Elizabeth Holmes, the wunderkind of medical technological testing, was sentenced to 11 years in prison for the fraudulent operation of her company, ‘Theranos,’ in January 2022. This is the same month the documents revealed the one-way flight was purchased. Elizabeth Holmes, the former superstar of Silicon Valley, appears to have gotten very cold feet during

Nigerian Floods

The flooding in Nigeria affected more than three million people. More than 600 people lost their lives and another 1.5 million people were forced to flee their homes. It extensively damaged houses, farms and basic infrastructure and decimated livelihoods across the country. For farmer Orubo Oro Tombia (above), from neighbouring Yenagoa municipality, the worst aspect

Extreme cold weather alert in North Korea

North Korean authorities have warned of extreme weather conditions in the country as a cold wave sweeps the Korean peninsula. South Korea too has issued a cold wave warning and northern China has been experiencing record low temperatures. Temperatures are likely to dip below -30C in the northern regions, which are also the poorest part

attack on military facility in Isfahan

After Iran accused Israel of sabotaging the key nuclear facility near the city of Natanz in 2021, Israel’s defence chief said the country’s operations in the region “are not hidden from the eyes of the enemy”. The Iranian defence ministry says it has foiled a drone attack on a military facility in the city of

Detention of Andrew Tate

The Tates are being held in custody for an extra 30 days, until 27 February, while police investigate allegations of rape and human trafficking. Both deny the charges. In his explanation, the judge highlighted what he said was the Tate brothers’ ability to identify vulnerable victims, and to “consider them to be the culprits, rather

US sanctions Chinese company

The US has sanctioned a Chinese company for allegedly providing satellite imagery of Ukraine to support the mercenary Wagner Group’s combat operations for Russia. Spacety China had provided Terra Tech, a Russia-based technology firm, with synthetic aperture radar satellite images of locations in Ukraine, the US Treasury Department’s Office of Foreign Assets Control said in

Oxford cryptocurrency case

Cryptocurrency with a value of £2,156,000 was stolen, South East Regional Organised Crime Unit. A man has been jailed for stealing more than £2m in cryptocurrency following a worldwide investigation. Following a police investigation involving more than 100 potential victims around the world, detectives seized computers, drugs and cash in a raid on an Oxford

Hive ransomware crew in the United States

Researchers and cyber authorities have long accused Russia of harbouring ransomware groups. In November 2021, alleged members of the REvil gang were arrested around the world, with US authorities retrieving more than $6m in cryptocurrency in a “claw back” hacking operation. The US has revealed it infiltrated a prolific cyber-crime gang to secretly sabotage their

The first inhaled Covid vaccine

In November, India’s drug regulator approved the use of iNCOVACC as a heterologous booster dose – a booster for people who had previously received two doses of Covishied or Covaxin, the two main Indian vaccines – in emergency situations among adults.India has approved its first nasal Covid vaccine.iNCOVACC is administered in the form of drops