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Rise in Bitcoin Price

The cryptocurrency reached above $58,000 to close within $10,000 of the all-time high it reached earlier this month i.e. shot up by more than $4,000 overnight to recuperate losses suffered last week. The 7 per cent price rise was mirrored by several other leading cryptocurrencies e.g.  Solana Concerns surrounding potential new cryptocurrency regulations introduced with

omicron variant worries

The sudden emergence of the omicron variant by the World Health Organisation (WHO) has provoked harrowing flashbacks to last winter, when the world was first informed of a new, more transmissible form of the virus. Warnings have been loud and clear from the beginning: do not underestimate this virus. Now, after months of relative silence

Alien’s Could Come to Earth

Humanity has, over time, moved species across continents as we migrate. Scientists have warned that Alien organisms could reach Earth through our own crafts exploring outer space. It is most likely that any invasive species met on an alien planet would be microbial and resemble bacteria on Earth. While the the likelihood of any extraterrestrial

Fighting New Variant- Omicron

The concerns with Omicron are indeed many. The biggest is that it may have the ability to spread more easily than Delta, the variant that dominates cases of covid around the world today. If so, Omicron could supplant Delta within months. In that case, Omicron would cause bigger outbreaks that flare up faster than Delta

global economic recovery

America and China account for 40% of global GDP at market exchange rates and they tend to influence other economies in different ways .The emergence of a covid-19 variant, labelled Omicron, has sparked a wave of selling on financial markets, seemingly on concern that a new highly transmissible strain of the virus could set back

Vietnam new class of billionaire entrepreneurs

Thao College is a marker of a significant shift. As recently as 2012 Vietnam was a land without dollar billionaires. Today six are thought to have joined the club, A surging stockmarket means the list is likely to get longer. Whereas American and Chinese billionaires are in the cross-hairs from their respective governments, Vietnam’s wealthy

Virtual Real

An entertainment metaverse will delight music fans, influencers will flock to a fashion metaverse to flaunt digital clothes, and there is even a shark metaverse. For example “enterprise metaverse” which is essentially a digital carbon copy of the physical economy. Building living, interactive blueprints that replicate the physical world might, in time, come to shape

Costly in Training AI Machines

According to Moore’s law, the industry’s master metronome, predicts that the number of components that can be squeezed onto a microchip of a given size and thus, loosely, the amount of computational power available at a given cost doubles every two years. For many comparatively simple ai applications, that means that the cost of training

Covid-19 Spillovers

in 2020 the World Health Organisation reported that sars-cov-2 had spilled over in Denmark from human beings into farmed mink, and was thereafter transmitted from animal to animal to create a separate veterinary epidemic. The spillovers of most concern to people are those from other animals to Homo sapiens. These may then go on to

Blockchain Businesses

There is going to be more change in the next 5 years than we have seen in the last 30 years in the financial system, With the rapid rise of bitcoin, which this year reached an all-time high of $64,000, the number of companies aiming to capitalize on the original digital asset has surged. What